In Which They Lived, Snapshots: and Wore Floral Prints Everyday (#4)

I started working on the In Which They Lived illustration series a couple of years ago to show children of color living, thriving, surviving. I’ve wanted to resume this series cause its felt even more necessary to imagine futures where this is possible. I always visualized the illustrations as vast landscapes like the first 3 in the series, scenes full of children engaging in their own world of possibilities, pleasures and play. But a decade of undiagnosed chronic sickness, recently diagnosed as Chronic Lyme Disease has changed, diminished my capacity to create, write, move, think and work on projects I love. In Which They Lived: Snapshots is a way to reconcile the current limitations of my body and mind with the need to imagine a future other than the oppression of adults, youth and children of color who are seeking to imagine a safer world for themselves.